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Easy Access To Luxury Brand Goods


Easy directions from the train station

Need help getting to our store? we are conveniently located only 2 minutes walking distance from the Mishima train station. Here's a few pictures to help get you here in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1: First off, be sure you exit via the south entrance of the station, don't leave the gates if it doesn't look like this! Exiting south will make getting here only a hop, skip, and a jump away! There will even be a map waiting for you outside, showing you all of mishima!

directions to luxury brands
directions to luxury brands

south exit to map

South exit

Step 2: Once you exit you'll see a fountain (which by the way is pure volcano water!). You'll notice a big white building not to far on your left side. 

Head toward the crosswalk and you'll already be half way to us. (Wow that was fast!)

directions to designer brands

exit & map

directions to designer brands
directions to designer bags

fountain & building

building & crosswalk

Step 3: Cross over to that white building but stay to your LEFT! only a few stores later you will see a Family Mart (you can't miss it.) Directly adjacent to that you will arrive to a parking lot         on the corner, where you can already see our building in clear view.

directions to jewelry store
street view brighter.jpg
parking logo.jpg.png

Crosswalk direction

Street view direction

family mart brighter.jpg
directions to jewelry shop


Family Mart

Kagiya first view


designer bags jewelry shop accessories

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