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Designer Brand Handbags, Rolex Watches,

Vintage Sunglasses, Rare Collectibles, and More!

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Best Handbags & Accessories

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W'e're always adding more to our inventory. Check out our instagram for some of the recent additions to our store!

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Looking for a top quality gift? Interested in something that's hard to find? Here's some of our featured sales.

The best handbags, secondhand fashion, luxury watches, fine jewelry,

and vintage brand name collectibles we have to offer.


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Kagiya is the go-to company when looking for quality affordable designer brand products across the world. We are conveniently located only 1 hour from Tokyo via bullet train, near the main Mishima Shinkansen train hub in the Shizuoka prefecture of Japan. Best of all, for those who can't make the trip we offer a large array of products right here and have the ability to live chat and review product in real time.

Whether you are looking for wholesale options or aiming to find that certain item you covet most, Kagiya is here to help. With so many outlets cluttering the internet nowadays, purchasing and selling goods from a source you can rely on has proven increasingly difficult. We realize the importance of finding ideal prices for both buyers and sellers - and that is our goal.

As an international retailer of second-hand brand merchandise, we focus on delivering the finest quality service in making sure all products have genuine and accurate representation. Big companies like Bloomingdales and Nordstrom claim to provide ease of shopping online, but when it comes to names like Louis Vuitton all you get are the age old basic stock photos. You never get to see the actual product you will receive, forcing you to visit a boutique in person anyway. Our team is here to help change that. By being able to hear customer requests and provide detailed information and representation of the actual product, we can always ensure confidence that what you are seeing is what you'll be getting.

Our forte extends from high end women's handbags, men's watches, vintage eyewear, jewelry and fashion accessories, and even authentic vintage hand made Japanese items. Operating with a large array of outstanding product including names like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Cartier, Chanel, Gucci, and Rolex (to name a few), it's of utmost priority that these designer bags, luxury sunglasses, and certified watches are viewed and distributed at the standard they are expected.

Our previous Japanese website has had an impressive history both nationally and abroad, so it only made sense to provide this level of success globally. Different people desire different levels of luxury and it's our job to ensure those expectations are met. Our staff is here to provide excellent service to many cultures in multiple languages.


Do you see a product you like? Are you looking for something you just can't find? Or are you just having trouble getting rid of your things at a good price? Let us know so we can help you today! Kagiya is here for you.

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Locate & CONTACT

10-13 Ichibancho,

Mishima-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture



TEL : 055-975-6430



Mon - Fri: 10:00-18: 00 (GMT +9)

                  6:00pm-2:00am (PST)

                  9:00pm-5:00am (EST)

Saturday: Closed

​Sunday: Closed

We'll Get Back To You Soon!

You can also make specific requests on the Find My Product page of our website!

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