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C Rank - There are obvious signs of aging and imperfections which makes sense for a two hundred year old piece that was used as currency at one point. This is a rare find authentic to the history of China and the evolution of their money. Value of these "coins" were based on the weight and size but most during the time were in this boat shape. Authentic hallmark can be seen on the bottom of the item.

Antique Yuanbao Sycee Chinese Boat Silver Ingot 1820 Qing Dynasty Rare Authentic

SKU: 0p4090
$1,199.99 Regular Price
$799.99Sale Price
  • Value: approx. 2-3 Tael
    Weight: 79.5 grams
    Width: 3-4.8cm
    Depth: 1.8cm
    Height: 1-2cm
    Issued: 1800s
    Manufactured: China

    S : New or new without a tag.
    SA : Excellent condition. (Like New - little to no use)
    A :  Good condition, barely used with few to no imperfections.
    B : There is a sense of overall use, with some minor damages.
    C : Overall there is a damage, very noticeable scratches or dirt.
    D :  Junk condition in need of repair.

    Please note that vintage items are not new and therefore usually have minor wear. All imperfections for this item have been included in pictures but please let us know if you need greater detail. It is of utmost importance that our customers receive quality items with the authenticity they are expecting. 

    Please be aware that the color of items may be slightly different because of the specs of certain PC monitors.

    We ONLY sell authentic merchandise. Our goal is to strive to help buyers avoid getting fakes on the internet and allow them purchase with confidence.

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